Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Make Me a Sandwich...

February 15, 2016

These past 2 weeks have been great!!! 

First of all, we had the chance to do some good ol service! People seriously reject the missionaries for their service needs wayy to frequently. I LOVE doing service projects. It helps us to break up our routine. Also, we take it pretty seriously. My comp and I have an investigator who repairs and paints cars to re-sell and has been working on converting a part of his house into a workshop. We offered to help him and called in 2 sets of Elders and a ward member who knew about electrical wiring. The Elders were put to work moving things and wiring things and doing some pretty intense work... and I wanted to get in on the action and was trying to help with everything... but our investigator REFUSED to let me help them. He began gaving me other tasks... first I swept... then I washed the window... and when I went back for more work I got put on Sandwich duty. I LITERALLY MADE SANDWICHES while everyone else helped him. Being white and a girl here is a bad combination... no one will let you do anything! But all in all, it was really fun and turned out great!

Last pday we went to Zocalo! It's so fun to go downtown. It's like a whole new world. I'll send some pictures! 

ALSO, the mom of one of the recent converts here got baptized. And her son was the one to baptize and confirm her. There is nothing so touching as seeing a son baptize his mom. Wow.... I loved that baptism. And after she just expressed how much peace she felt. It is such a privilege to see people participate in the ordinances of salvation.

To celebrate my companion taught us how to make these banana patty things that they have in ecuador. You have to get a special kind of banana... called "green banana." I LOVE THEM! They are huge and always taste like a green banana... even when they are ripe... and I've always liked my bananas on the green side, so I think they are perfect. Anyway... to make these pattys you cut up the banana and boil it for a few minutes and then mash it up. Then you take a fist-full of mashed banana and put some cheese inside and make it into a ball and then flatten it. And then you fry them and eat them! They're yummy (: Last week we learned how to make these coconut bars. We even shred the coconut by hand! We're learning lots of thing (:

Well, I hope you are all happy and healthy and know that I love you tons!!!

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

Basilica de Guadelupe!

Basilica de Guadelupe!

Constancia at her baptism

Making Banana Patties!