Sunday, June 7, 2015

3 Days

On January 22, 2015, my LDS mission call arrived.

But my dad was out of town.

So I waited a whole extra day to open it. Those 24 hours were probably the longest of my life. 

I hardly slept.

hardly ate. 

I was SO nervous. 

If we're being real, the only reason I didn't open it the second it came was because I had my call sent to my home address, rather than my apartment at school. That was a good call, since I really did want my family and friends with me when I learned where I would live and serve for 18 months.

The next day I drove home to open my call amongst family and friends. I was shaking the whole ride home. It's a miracle I didn't crash.

Blessing for choosing to serve a mission, maybe?

Anyway, the moment I held my call in my hands I felt so much peace. I had been a little concerned about whether or not I would be sent to the place; the place where Heavenly Father needed me. When I held my call, however, all those fears and doubts disappeared.

It's been nearly five months since that WONDERFUL day, and I now have less than 3 days until I leave on my mission. 

I can't wait to serve the people of the MEXICO, MEXICO CITY SOUTHEAST MISSION!

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