Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No tengo tiempo para escribir ):

Okay, so today was pretty much the BEST day. We went to downtown Mexico City, or Centro or Zocalo and just had the best day ever. We took one of those tour buses around the city and were able to see a lot of things and enjoy some good food that wasn't Mexican! I love my Mexican food, like a lot, but it doesn't have as much diversity as what I've been used too. 

Moral of the story is that Mexico City is amazing! My comp told me, it is to Mexico what New York and DC are to us in the Estados Unidos. We got to ride the Metro, which is a subway and is super, super crowded (so crowded that at certain parts they have cars for guys and cars for girl to avoid people being touched ways that they don't want to be--we certainly appreciate that) but so fun! I really love taking the metro haha. It's exciting!

And downtown Mexico City is AMAZING. It is so different from where we live. There is a lot of money there. We went to a mall and it may be the nicest mall I've ever been in. It has super, super high class, expensive stores. And since everything is in pesos, it looks like everything costs a million bucks (: The culture is amazing too! Because the Spanish colonized the area, there are a lot of European style buildings. My district took lots of pictures, since I don't have my camera, and they promised to send them to you all. 

Thanks for your love and support. I love life here. I'm going to have to write a really great letter this next week. The temple was also dedicated last week! We saw all 3 rededication sessions and I got a different answer about a different thing in every session! It was great. I'll share some spiritual insights next week.

Thanks again!


Hermana Aubriana Wolferts (I've started telling people my name is "wolferst" because no one can say it haha. Good stuff)

A picture at the Temple Open House with Elder Young.

Cleaning the refrigerator is serious business!

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