Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby Lions and Catholic Baptisms...

February 1, 2016

Well, this week was fun (: 

Exciting experiences:

1. I spoke wayyyy to soon. The cold came back with a vengance. It was 1 degree!!! Celsius.... but still that's cold for here (; My poor Ecuadorian companion was shivering and telling me how she was colder than she had ever been in her whole life! It was kinda adorable. (: 

2. We got a new bishop in the ward! And he's super excited about missionary work and wants to help us. I'm super excited (:

3. I met a baby lion! Some guy we met at the visitors center of the Mexico City has a pet lion... it's still little so it's adorable. 

4. We did service for a less active member who frosts designs on drinking glasses. And what project did we get to help with? The shot glasses for a Catholic baptism ha ha... My comp and I felt a little strange helping with this... but it is his livelyhood...soo...

Now food. 

Today we ate AMAZING TACOS with a recent convert. I also got to help make Nopales. This is something we eat here a lot, but I had never made it before. It's cooked cactus! The inside is all gooey and slimey, kinda like the inside of an aloe plant. But they are super yummy!

Also... There's an oven in the church here, and it works!! I don't think I had seen an oven used for anything other than storage my whole mission, until now! Mom, you should send me a cookie recipe! Soft cookies don't exist here... to them cookies are hard. I miss your cookies, and I want to share the love with other people. Maybe if we contact with your cookies we'll have more people accept us (; 

Hot dogs are a typical type of meat here. Like... not just for camping or children. You just boil them and top them with your favorite sauce. This week I ate hot dogs with a creamy chipotle sauce. I'm actually a huge fan of this type of sauce... so I thought it was pretty good.

We saw some miracles happen with investigators:

1. Firstly, we had one investigator in church who has been working every Sunday since the missionaries before him started teaching him. His struggle had always been that he didn't go to church. But then, he suddenly started to progress so quickly and he sacrificed a lot to be able to go to church on Sunday. At first he told us he would only stay for Sacrament meeting, but he ended up staying for all 3 hours. It was really cool to see how the spirit has started to work on him.

2. This is a happy sad story. We were visiting a less active member one day in her tailor shop, and in walked a 21 year old guy with a ripped a jacket. While the sister fixed his jacket, we contacted him. He was super nice and receptive and told us he had just moved here from another part of the city. We started teaching him a couple times a week, and since then, he has gone to church twice. He went with us to the visitors center at the temple and was just progressing like crazy! A golden investigator. But, he told us last night that he is going to move back home to help his family to "tie up some loose ends". ): In all he was only here 3 or so weeks. But he told us that he felt like he was meant to be here, to meet us and hear our message. As sad as it is that we wont get to keep teaching him, I'm so happy that Heavenly Father put him in our path and that we were able to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to him. 

All in all, it was a good week (: I hope everyone is happy and that Trevin has managed to stop breaking all his bones(; Seriously... I want to see him in one piece when I get home!

Love you!!!

Hermana Aubriana
My companion and I with 2 investigators, a recent convert, and some random guy who was sitting in the chair at the visitors center! 

The adorable home of one of the members here.
This is how I expected the homes to look. :-)
Our apartment in Nesa

Our boiler that actually WORKS and heats our water! Warm showers are sooo nice. 
My comp is a certified physical therapist. Here she is giving a cat an adjustment.

Ya no tengo cabello. I don't have hair anymore. The lady thinned it soo much. But it's nice and healthy... so that's good. But there was a lot of unnecessary "chopping" happening.

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