Saturday, August 29, 2015

Live the Gospel and Christ Will Change Your Heart


I spent a lot of time reading letters I never had the chance to read and just emailing you guys back and forth, so I don't have very much time to write this week. Which is seriously a bummer. I'll write an extra good letter next week (:

First of all, the temple is amazinggggg. There is sooooo much power there. I really really REALLY want to go to the temple ASAP when it opens. But I can't wish away the open house, because it really is such a special opportunity we have to teach our investigators! You really can feel something special there. I've been on 2 tours and each time I've walked into the Celestial room I've gotten the most amazing feeling of peace and love and I just feel like God is there. It's pretty crazy how strong the spirit is because it's not even dedicated! But really, the temple is so special. 

Yesterday I taught the Word of Wisdom to English family who we LOVE and is progressing so well! It was my first time teaching it in the field. And I was a little nervous. It's just a commandment that some people struggle with and so I wasn't sure how they would take it. But really, they were so receptive and willing to follow it. The mom even told us that she had known a bit about the Word of Wisdom before we taught it to them and so she had stopped drinking coffee. Like, what??? When you are a missionary you can't even dream of a response better than that. They have so much faith. And I think that that is why they are doing so well. Sometimes missionaries question the rules and members question the commandments, but really when we have faith, we tend to not question things. I feel like my faith has grown so much during my mission and I haven't felt like the rules are a burden and I feel a desire to be super obedient because I believe in what I'm doing and I feel that this is God's work.

There's a quote, I believe by Elder Packer (?) in PMG that I really like that essentially says that a study of the gospel of Jesus Christ will change behavior faster than a study of behavior will change behavoir. It's so true! When you know, believe, and live the gospel you want to change your behavoir way more than if you just know the rules and the behavoirs that you should have, but don't actually have faith and live as though you believe. It's like that conference talk from last conference, I believe, where one of the general authorities said "I can show you the dance moves, but you have to hear the music for yourself."

Don't forget to do the little things that help you to have a testimony. I love having the opportunity to really feast upon the words of Christ here, but really I had that opportunity at home, I just didn't always take it. So be better than me! 

Love you all soooo sooo much. Have a fabulous week!


Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

Here's a goofy pic of me and 2 other sisters! The one on the right is my comp, Sister Wong, and the one on the left is Hermana Lambert, who I live with! 

Since Aubriana lost her camera a few weeks ago, her District leader from the CCM, Elder Miller, contacted me and sent me some pictures that he had of her in his collection.

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  1. The last three are in the mission field - I'd recognize those Elders anywhere! Elder Juarez is her district leader. His companion is Elder Miller - those two are still close together after the MTC!