Friday, August 7, 2015

(: What week is this? I've already lost track...


It was another GREAT week! 

One of the funniest things is how much attention I get just because I'm white! The other day someone gave me free food and said "because you are white." The people here are so giving. If you complement them on something, they will most likely give it to you! It's crazy. And it's always entertaining when people talk to me in English. They usually know very little, and just say "hi" or something and then out of habit I respond "buenas tardes" or something and then they are all like "¿¡Habla Español!? And I'm like "HAHAHA... no." No, in reality my Spanish is getting better but it's definitely a process and my strong point is most certainly the gospel vocab. One really hard thing is telling stories. I always want to really set up the first vision and tell the story and everything, but past tense is pretty difficult for me. In Spanish, there are imperfect and preterit tenses for past tense and it's tough for me to use them correctly and consistantly without talking really slow. But I'm feeling a bit better about it.

One super cool thing is I talk in my sleep IN SPANISH. I live with my comp and another companionship and they have all heard it haha. The other night I sat up and started praying in Spanish out loud. It's like I'm a missionary or something...Taking "pray always" to a whole new level. #missionaryjoke. Good times. But apparently it happens nearly every night. I'm wondering if this is a thing I've done all my life or just a mission thing?? 

One really fun thing we do is teach English class. It's the one time during the week where I feel like the tables are turned, and I'm the one who is comfortable with the language. Needless to say, it's an uplifting time of the week for me. Also, doing this service for people is great because English classes are a program by the church, and people can feel the Spirit there and they start to ask questions! Which leads to another AMAZING story...

We met this one family at English class and last night we went to see them. WOW they were so prepared!! We were really just coming to visit their son, but when we started asking them about religion and getting to know them, the mom and sister joined us. And when we started talking about how God is our loving Heavenly Father, their Dad came in. Pretty soon they were all there with their Bibles in hand, following along through the folleto, telling us how they were Catholic, but how they felt something was missing and that they felt that things had been changed by men and weren't from God. This is AMAZING when you are about to teach the restoration. I became really nervous because the Spirit was so strong and I felt that God had prepared these people and I kept praying and praying that I would be able to speak Spanish well and have the Spirit when I taught. All in all, it was an amazing lesson and easily in the top 3 most spiritual experiences of my mission. We felt really strongly to give them a date for baptism, and they accepted! So right now we are working toward Sept. 6th. The joy I felt after that lesson was indescribable, the kind of joy that only comes from doing God's work. Being a missionary is the BEST. 

Also, we have another investigator who just had his baptisimal interview and is hopefully getting baptized next week, along with his 9-year-old son. I'm so excited for him!

You all look like you are having so much fun! I miss you, but there is so much going on here and I love the work so I haven't hard a hard time with being so far. 

Have a great week!!


Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

P.S. Sad news... My camera is missing and so I haven't been able to take pictures for a couple of weeks. The good news is my Mom is able to get pictures from my Mission Mom, Sister Stutzneggar's posts on Facebook. Here are some of the recent ones, since leaving the Mexico City CCM.


All of the new Mexico City Southeast Elders and Sisters leaving the CCM on July 20, 2015
 The Elders
 Hermanas :-)

 Traveling to the Mission Home to meet President and Sister Stutznegger
 Waiting to hear words of wisdom from our beloved Mission President Stutzneggar

 Training with the Hermanas for the Mexico City Temple Open House the end of July 2015
 I love Hermana Garner!
 Hermana Jones - My companion in the Mexico City CCM
It is so great to be back together with these lovelies!

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