Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finding the Elect...

August 22, 2016
This week was cool (:

We saw a lot of really awesome miracles this past week.

On Friday we ate lunch in an little restaurant called an "economic kitchen". There are a ton of these here that sell SUPER cheap food that is actually pretty good. Normally, it's kinda lame to eat in one of these, and not be with members instead, because we feel like we just lose time eating and we don't get to share something and strengthen a family while we eat. But this past Friday as we were eating out and we saw a guy, 30 or so years old, eating and reading the bible. My companion and I looked at each other and thought, "interesting." And, as we waited, we found an opportunity to talk to him. As we talked, he expressed his frustration with religion... That things have changed; that people have started to think that what we do doesn't matter; that all we need to do is have faith... when actually, the bible teaches us that we need to act and make covenants with God... He expressed frustration that people have forgotten all of this. My comp and I were just sitting there with our mouths open, ha ha... Saying things like "uh huh, asi es." We taught him a bit of the restoration and we invited him to church... And he came!!! In a spiffy suit jacket and everything. The only bummer is that I don't think that he actually lives in our area, but he has definitely been prepared to hear the gospel!

Also, we had a really cool experience with some investigators. A couple weeks ago we were looking for a particular investigator, but couldn't find her, so we knocked the neighbor's door asking around for her (missionary strategy... We see if the neighbors know the person that we are looking for. This way, we find out if the address we have for the person we are looking for is a good address...AND we also get to contact the person's neighbors in the process. (: Kind of a two for one thing!) So, while we were doing this process, we contacted a 20 something year old girl that lived there. She told us we could share part of our message with her, so we started asking her questions and talking about the restoration. But while we were talking with her, it started to rain. And then it started to rain a little harder... And then, hallelujah, she invited us into her house! I love the rain for that reason! Only rude people or people who legitimately can't receive us, reject us when it is raining. So they let us in and we got to teach her whole family! While we were teaching them, we invited them to baptism and everything... Super cool lesson. And then we went back this past week and they told us that right after we talked to them, they went to find a movie to watch. She said that one caught her attention, and that as they were watching, they realized that it was exactly what we had explained to them about the Book of Mormon...that a boy had an angel appear to him and tell him where plates of gold were and that after he found them, people tried to take them away from him... and just a bunch of stuff that happened with the Book of Mormon - things that we hadn't even explained to them... and they were telling us all of this! I don't know if they found some church movie hanging out in the pirated movie stand or what... but they were talking to us like "I don't know if it's a sign or what... but it kinda freaked us out..." So that was pretty cool. God really does help us in this work.

Things are going so well here! We have a lot of investigators - people who have goals for baptism. We are happy and super excited!

Love you all!
Hermana Wolferts

Us in the rain. We were walking to an appointment in the rain and saw a family running and getting soaked, so we lent them our umbrellas. We got super wet...but on the bright side, we are teaching the family now (:

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