Monday, August 15, 2016

I want to bear my testimony, I know the church is true... (imagine voice of primary-aged child...)

August 8, 2016

HOLA!!! Cómo están?? 

This week was fun and crazy and all of the above! 

There were days when we found tons of people...

and there were days where NO ONE accepted us. On Friday my companion almost died of exhaustion because we walked and walked and contacted and tried to find less actives or get members to introduce us to someone or just ANYTHING, but nothing was working out. And we found a couple people in the street to teach, but all they wanted to do was fight or try to convert us to their religion. We got home and my companion went straight to her bed and fell asleep. The poor thing was super tired. 

But in general, we love our new area (:

My companion is adorable and so sweet and tender... and she has a huge HUGE fear of bodily injuries. Like to the point where she can't even hear about them. And in fast and testimony meeting a very sweet sister spent about 5 solid minutes describing in intense detail her accident that she had had that week. She brought it around at the end and talked about the gospel but I seriously was worried my companion was going to pass out....

Also I cleaned the toilet with a rock today. We went to buy cleaning supplies and the lady who owned the cleaning supplies store gave us a free special cleaning rock! And it actually worked really well.... really gets the stains out. (: Not sure if this is a Mexican thing or if anyone else has done this before?? 

We have had a ton of success in this area with finding less actives and teaching their non member family members. I think all but 2 of our investigators were found through the less active members. It's been really cool! And we have hope for a lot of them! But with a lot of less actives, the reason that they aren't active anymore is because they never really had a testimony to start and were baptized for some other reason. This past week we met a less active who was baptized because his wife was a member. After they separated, he went inactive. He is now with someone else and we found them and got to teach them. And he started to tell us that the church is like a business with the goal to take advantage of the people, and that we worship the prophet and that the Book of Mormon isn't true... and just a bunch of stuff and my comp and I were just like, "Woah." But then the Spirit took over. Scriptures that I had read that morning came to my mind and I was able to respond (very respectfully) to everything he said. Something that I've learned as a missionary is how to be strong but not rude or over the top. We KNOW this is true and we testify of the truth. But we don't need to offend people or contend with them. If we have the Spirit with us and we open our mouths, they will feel the power of the truth. He actually ended up apologizing and saying that he didn't understand very well what we believed and they invited us back to teach them again. (: Yay!

I love you all so much! I hope that you have a fabulous week. I want you to know that I know that this is the true church. We always testify of this to the people, but this week I felt like a lot of people attacked us and we had to really TESTIFY. And I know it's true. I feel it. Remember to say your prayers and read your scriptures. It's the little things that keep us strong (: 


Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

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