Saturday, November 26, 2016

Are You the Angels?

November 14, 2016


First of all, Mexico is in a panic now that Trump won the USA election... 

Also, with the election, my comps and investigators are really loving telling the racist jokes right now. The other day I asked for a chocolate muffin and they gave me a vanilla one... Ha ha...I just can't win. The one good thing is that I can claim ignorance because with no TV, no radio, and no contact with media, I really have no idea what is going on.

Hmmm... Vanilla or chocolate? ;-)
2 of our investigators had their birthdays yesterday. Axel is AMAZING! He just turned 17 yesterday. We took him a cake and sang to him. He got interested in the church because his boss is LDS and would talk to him about what we believe. He is amazing. Golden.

Our other investigator who had her birthday yesterday is named consuelo. She is also INCREDIBLE. She and her husband have a baptisimal date set too, but it is set for after I leave ): So weird to think that I wont be around to see their baptism. 

We were reading the Book of Mormon with an investigator, and there was a part in the chapter that talked about angels... and in the most innocent way he asked us if we were the angels it talks about. AHHHH my heart melted. I am going to miss being a missionary soooo much.

Our mission has been doing an activity of fasting for 40 days. Each companionship is assigned a day to fast for the whole day. Our day was this last Friday... but on Thursday we ate at like 2 in the afternoon, and later that day, when we got home, we were going to eat, but we fell asleep and didn't get to eat... and then we fasted ALL Friday until Saturday morning. It was a long fast, but it was such an amazing experience. The whole time we just thought about Christ and what he suffered for us. It made us feel like our tiny sacrifice of fasting for a day or serving a mission is nothing. We felt the spirit so strong. I have such a tesimony of fasting! I get excited for fast Sunday now, as opposed to dreading it a little, like before the mission. Remember that there is so much power in fasting and it is a privilege!!

I love you all!!! Have a great week

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

A romantic dinner of tacos that my comp and I had. Featuring, Christmas scented candle and a mess behind, that includes personal progress, fruit that people always give us (we get SO much fruit) and christmas edition paper towels. 

I know I look super close to the guy who was baptized.. I swear we were not touching...
haha...Missionary problems.... 

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