Monday, November 14, 2016

Hermanas, Friendship and Spider Bites...

November 7, 2016


Well.... it was a good week (:

Today we got to have some fun and we went downtown for a girls day out. I got to see my other beloved "daughter" (missionary that I trained) Hermana Jonapa! It was great. I'm including some pictures (: We mostly just walked around and shopped... bought a couple things for coming home... really weird buying things for wearing at home and not in the mission! Also some guy made us some friendship rings, so we are all cute and matching! We had a blast (: I cannot wait to be home and hug you all again, but I really do feel like I will be leaving a whole other family, that I will miss very much, here!

In other news... I was bitten by a spider... on Tuesday morning I woke up with my leg all swollen and itchy and I was like... "Dang it, Hermana, we have bed bugs!" (it's a pretty common missionary thing because we go to so many houses). But we didn't want to freak out just yet so we waited... until Wednesday, when my leg was even more swollen... We kinda just assumed that I had been bitten even more by bed bugs, and we threw out our sheets sent our blankets to be washed and went to Walmart to buy new pillows and sheets... my comp still didn't have bite,s but we didn't want to wait until things got worse, so we got right on it... However, my leg progressively got more swollen... and then turned purple... so they sent us to the doctor because there are some dangerous types of spiders here... but, NO WORRIES it was not a DEADLY poisenous spider, and the swelling has now gone down. Just call me Job, haha. 

We saw a lot of cool things happen this week. We found some really chosen people and we had some new investigators go to church, which was SO EXCITING! It's really weird thought because now I am officially not going to see the baptisms of any new investigators we find, from this point on out. There's a rule that they have to go to church 5 times before their baptism, and I now only have 4 Sundays left. Weird, right?? I actually have a really hard time believing that the mission will end. 

Well, we have to head to our meeting, but I love you all! I tried to send pictures of everything that's been going on but the Internet is SO INCREDIBLY SLOW, they won't load. Next week for sure. 


Hermana Wolferts

Pictures added Nov. 14, 2016

A day out shopping and sightseeing with these beauties!
Pretty Mall Downtown
Matching Friendship Rings.

I had heard my whole mission about the piano stairs in the metro... but I didn't know where they were!! And we found them!! I can feel okay about going home now haha. (; But when you step on each step it makes the sound of the key!

This is from the 15th of september, which is Mexicos Indepedence Day. It's a traditional Mexican dress from Chiapas, in the south of Mexico, which is about 10 or 15 hours from here in car. Isn't the dress sooo pretty? Some members lent it to me for the day (:

AAAAhhh...Bed bugs or Spider bites... :-/

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