Monday, October 26, 2015

cambios (transfers)

October 19, 2015


So this past week we had changes!!! And I got a new Comp! Drumrollllllll.... Hermana Martinez! She's awesome and she trained my comp from the CCM! 

However, I didn't change areas, which means I had to teach the area last week. It doesn't sound that hard... but with being so directionally challenged and not having perfect... or even close to perfect... Spanish, I was pretty nervous! But also excited. Change is good and helps us to grow and progress. Whenever we start to feel comfortable, it probably means that we need to stretch ourselves more (: 

So on Tuesday after changes, we headed back to our area and went out to work! I've always had someone who knew the area with me, so it was weird to be the one explaining the stories of the people we were going to visit and to be the one who had to do small talk. I'm working on being less awkward with small talking, and I'm getting okay at it with contacting and stuff! But the other day I was talking to a kid who served a mission and is now less active and I was just like "so what's up, why haven't you been at church?" Spanish has helped me be very direct. When you don't have an extensive vocabulary, it's hard to beat around the bush!

This past week I really saw what a blessing it is to have the gospel in our lives. Last night we taught a lesson and this person has NO idea that we lived with God before this life and that He is the Father of our Spirits. Maybe other people just hadn't ever told us that they didn't know that, but I usually assume that other people of other religions believe that. But after that lesson I was just thinking about how sad it would be to not know that! I can't even imagine. The mom in this family has some pretty firm ideas that are different than ours, but we have a return apt. so it will be interesting to see what happens!

Lately, the weather has been a little cooler here. Like, we're talking 70 degrees instead of 75. Well, everyone here has this conception that climate change makes you sick. Like EVERY Mexican seems to believe this! And I could maybe see it if it were a dramatic climate change, but we're talking 5 degrees. However, all of our investigators and members and less actives and everyone has been getting sick! I don't know if that is just confounded with going back to school and all that.... but I'm, like, starting to believe it!

Also, agua here is not water. Agua is any drinkable liquid. And most things here are carbonated. If we eat at a members house they either make us some sort of home made fruit water or some carbonated drink. Hermana Lambert and I couldn't stop laughing the other day because this one bottle said "apple juice" and below it said "with just a touch of juice." Once we tried it, it made more sense because it was yet, another carbonated juice, but it was pretty funny.

Things here are going really well. It's amazing to see all the miracles, like the fact that I can actually communicate with people in Spanish now or that I have been able to navigate us around the area pretty well, or that my comp has talents and ideas that are just what this area and ward needs. I LOVE being here and it is such a privilege to work here.

I read a scripture this week in Jacob, I think it was 1:19, where he is talking about how he is going to work dang hard to teach the people and to help them to come to Christ and if he doesn't do everything possible, he is going to accept the sins of the people on his head. A bit intense, but it's so true. I'm going to do EVERYTHING I can here, or I'm going to be held responsible. 

Thanks for everything! I love you guys (:

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

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