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October 26, 2015

Hellooooo!!! (:

I'm so excited to talk about this week! It was a good one! I saw a lot of really great blessings this week. I didn't even realize how many miracles I had seen until I started to think about what I wanted to tell you all!

1. About a month ago, the Elders in my district had contacted this 19 or so year old kid named Carlos who lives in our area. They set up an apt. in the church and gave us his phone number. Well, we went to the apt. in the church, but he wasn't there. So we called and he said he couldn't make it. So we tried to reschedule, but he didn't show up to that apt. either. We rescheduled again, but then he ended up in the hospital and couldn't make it to the apt! Eventually, we stopped trying to meet up with him. 

Flash forward to last week, and we receive a challenge from the zone leaders to contact until we have 10 people who accept an appointment. Well, we had a lot of appointments that day and we didn't have a lot of time to just contact, but my comp and I were determined to meet the challenge. We had our meeting with the ward mission leader at 8, and at 7:45 we realized it was time to head to the church for the meeting, but that we had only had 9 people accept appointments! I was so tempted just to head to the church, but my comp and I decided to contact another person and try to get a cita. We found someone on the street and thankfully, they accepted the appointment and we still made it to the meeting on time!

Flash forward to this past week, and we went to the guys house for the meeting. However, his niece answered the door and said he wasn't home. So we just started contacting her, and she told us that her brother, Carlos, had had the Elders talk to him. After a couple questions, I realized this was THE Carlos, the one we never found! They let us into their house right then and there, and now we are teaching Carlos. (: 

This just goes to show that God doesn't always work in the way we imagine, but when something is in his plan, he will make it work.

2. Anyone who knows me knows that directionality isn't a strength of mine. Well, since my companion is the new person in the area, I've been teaching her the streets and everything, which is terrifying for someone who can't navigate. I really am getting a lot better, but the other day we were trying to find a reference, and I didn't know exactly where the street was. I usually carry a map around for moments like this , but I had forgotten my map this day. I was walking with my companion finally accepting that I really didn't know where to go when I exclaimed that I really just wished I had a map when I looked down and saw a piece of paper on the ground. What was it? Some advertisement for a restaurant that HAD A MAP showing where the restaurant was. And the weirdest thing is that it literally just had a map of my area. Like, almost exactly our area. With that map, we were able to find the street and the family. SUCH a blessing.

3. A couple weeks ago I lost one of my name tags. I assumed it was lost forever, but this past week I saw this guy in the street who kept staring at me... it was kinda freaking me out until he pulled out my name tag! He told me he found it on the street and didn't know what it was... until he saw us that day and realized it matched mine! So naturally, we explained why we have these tags and we are going to visit him this week (:

I could go on and on about the amazing little things that happen here. I'm scared to not be a missionary any more one day because the little miracles we receive are so great! But I'm thinking I had them before my mission, but just didn't recognize them.

Funny story that I forgot to tell! Back when I was with Hnas Wong and Lambert, we were walking down the streets being missionaries and everything when this group of three 20 something year old guys walked by. One of them was looking at me... like how guys here sometimes do and Hermana Wong was starting to get all protective of me when he turned to his friends and said: "she gave me a pamphlet" all proud like. We couldn't even stop laughing! But really, that's exactly what I want people to say. I didn't even remember that I had contacted him, but I'm so glad I did (: I'm not sure if he is being taught, because he didn't live in our area... but it was great. 

Hna Martinez is an awesome companion and has really been teaching me a lot about working with the ward. And I mean ACTUALLY working with the ward, because sometimes it's felt like just a formality on both sides. We went to the house of the bishop on Saturday to have a meeting and talk about our goals and the things we can do better to help the ward. They fed us breakfast while we were there, and when they brought out our plates, it kinda looked like pancakes! I haven't had pancakes in a while and I was so excited, till I looked closer. It was a stack of tortillas with eggs in between haha. Sooo Mexican. But it was actually really good....

We're really seeing a lot of blessings here. We found a crazy number of new investigators last week and have quite a few people with baptismal date. I'm not sure yet if they are all going to happen, but we have a lot of good things happening here. Heavenly Father takes such good care of us.

I love you all so much! Thanks for all your letters and love and support! Hope you are all happy and healthy!


Hermana Wolferts

PS. What happened with the hurricane? Nothing happened here... but the sky did look really cool! I'll send pics next week! And it cleared out the pollution a little bit! I saw the mountains surrounding the city! We were like "there are mountains here?" (:

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