Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Miracle...

November 2, 2015


This week was great! I have to start with my miracle of the day. I don't know if I was just a spiritual idiot before my mission and I didn't recognize these kinds of things or if being a missionary is just the best thing in the world.

SOOOOO, once again this miracle was necessary because of my lack of directionality. I'm really counting on Ether's words being true when he promises that we have weaknesses to make us humble and if we turn to the Lord he will make them strengths (Ether 12:27) because I wouldn't be bummed if I was magically able to navigate in a couple months. I think I've been sufficiently humbled at this point (;

Anyway, this morning we were trying to head to Walmart but I realized I had actually never gone without someone who knew how to get there. But because my companion is still fairly new here and knows even less than me about the area, we didn't know exactly where to go. I knew what micro to take (a micro is a small bus thing. There are TONS of them here and we take them all the time.) and I know where we get off but I couldn't remember what direction we had to go. UGGGH I wish I were better at this. Basically, I chose wrong and I realized it pretty quickly and hopped off, but we didn't have enough change to get on the correct micro. The only thing we had was a 500 peso bill (which would be the equivalent of a 30-40 dollar bill, if that existed) but NO ONE will give you change for that, even if you buy something (unless what you buy is close to that amount, but I don't have sufficient funds to be spending pesos like that!) So, we were sorta stuck. But I also knew that the Lord has ALWAYS provided a solution when we have been in situations like this. I started looking on the ground for money or thinking how the Lord was going to help us out with this one. But there was nothing. Eventually we decided to try to change the bill in a convenience store that's more of a chain and sells nicer things than the normal family owned stores, but they wouldn't change it, even if we offered to buy juices. As I was looking through every pocket of my bag waiting for a ten peso coin or something to show up, in walks a family of menos activos who saw from a distance that we didn't get the juice we tried to buy. When we explained that we were trying to buy juice to get change for the micro, they gave us money for the micro AND bought us the juice. AHH the people here are too dang nice. 

Basically, God ALWAYS provides the way. Miracles are REAL and they still happen today. Also, frequently God performs miracles through us, so listen to the promptings of the spirit and don't hesitate to do what it says. 

This week was a little weird, because we had to come home early 2 days because of the day of the dead stuff going on down here. It can get a little crazy, I suppose. But the traditions are actually really cool! The people make shrines for their ancestors and put their favorite things around it. It sounds a little strange to us because it's different, but it's actually really touching and respectful. The bishop showed us his family's and it was really cool. We also ate stomach while we were at their house that day. It actually wasn't all that bad.... the only weird thing is that one side of the stomach has the texture of shag carpet, but it didn't bother me really.

Today I walked into walmart and realized it's time for the premature Christmas decoration and festivity madness! I bought Christmas paper towels and a mug and Christmas cookies! I don't know why I went so crazy... I think it's because with our perfect and unchanging climate here, I forget that time actually is passing and that things actually do change, so when I realized Christmas was coming, I decided to celebrate. 

Also we have new neighbors in our little apt. thing that we live in from Haiti! So they speak French, but we started trying to teach them Spanish when we were stuck in our apt. the nights that we couldn't leave! Teaching someone who speaks French Spanish when your first language is English is tough.... but I learned a little bit of French from it. (Very, very little, mind you). It's tough because the accent is really different and I keep wanting to pronounce everything like Spanish!

We also had a conf. with the head of the missionary dept, Elder Nelson! He talked a lot about obedience and really made all the missionaries excited to be here in the mission. He also talked a lot about working with menos activos and through part member families to both help convert people, and to help people get back to church, and we've been really working to implement that in this area! Things have been great here, I'm praying that I don't leave after this transfer. I'm not ready ):

I love you all so much! Also, I can't believe how tall Trevin is! That's so weird! Send me a picture of him next to you, mom!


Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

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