Monday, May 2, 2016

God has bread for us...

All I can say is that we are blessed here. 

We have some really REALLY cool investigators. I always hesitate a little to talk too much about investigators because things change so quickly and sometimes someone is golden one week and then we end up dropping them the next or we never find them again. 

But one investigator who is really progressing has been taking the discussions for about 4 months now. Which is a really long time. For most of this time he was progressing... but very very slowly. He didn't want to go to church or pray to know if it was true. But FINALLY we got him to pray and (obviously) his prayer was answered and he knew he had to go to church. He's been several times and is progressing like crazy. Every time I see him in the church I am just blown away because I saw how difficult it was for him to go. But the Lord really is preparing everyone. 

Also the family of 22 people... a few of them have been going to church (there are still so many that we need to contact and teach!) has been progressing (: Which is really cool. We have been mainly teaching the wives because they are the ones who are home more and one of them expressed that she was worried that her husband wouldn't want to go because Sunday is the only day he rests and that they have together. But she told us that this past Sunday he got up early and got ready and asked her if they were going to go to church. She was so excited that he wanted to go! Really, the Lord is preparing the people that we least expect. 

Another unexpected person is an ex-alcoholic. He's in a rehab program and is progressing well and has been clean something like 6 months. The thing is that he is successful, has a good job, looks normal, he just got into some bad things. But he is the most receptive person that I have taught in my mission. I have never met anyone who understands so perfectly the gospel without ever having learned it before. 

We really are blessed with some really cool investigators.

Funny story of the week.... well the eternal struggle with Spanish is the accent. I've pretty much gotten the grammar down and although I occasionally make mistakes and there are a few things that are a little complicated to say, I feel pretty confident in my communication skills as far as the words I should say.

But occasionally the accent is a little complicated. One thing is that the 'L' in Spanish is a little more pronounced than it is in English; so the other day, I was explaining that God has a plan for us - "Dios tiene un plan para nosotros", but I didn't say my 'L' well enough so our investigator heard, "Dios tiene un pan para nosotros." - which  is God has bread for us. ha ha... good times. 

I love you all! Thanks for all your support! Remember that God has a bread for you too! ...I mean a plan! 

Love you!

It hailed like crazy here!! Fortunately, we were in the church when it happened.
It's the closest we get to snow haha (:


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