Monday, April 18, 2016

The Field is White...

Mexico got hot.

We got into the warm season here and I know it's only like 80 degrees, but I don't know what happened, I became like the people here! I bundle up like crazy if it dips below 70 and I'm just dying if it's hotter than 70 degrees.

Good news, I'm apparently not talking as much in my sleep (: But I think the whole wake up 6:30 am thing has become a permanent thing. This whole week, I woke up just before the alarm went off. It's 10:30-6:30 for life for me, I guess!

This week we saw some really cool miracles. 

A week or two ago we knocked a door, and out came a lady who was just super rude to us and told us to leave and that she would call the police or something. Well a few days later we went to eat with a member and when we got to the house, this lady, who had been so rude to us, opened the door! My comp didn't even recognize her but I was like, "do we go in what do we do...????" But, she welcomed us in and explained that she was working for the member that were visiting and helping her out with the cleaning and taking care of her handicapped aunt. Well we ate really quickly, and I was really debating if we should just leave running, or if we should share a message with her like we normally do. Well the spirit told me that we needed to sing her a hymn. So with some trepidation, I asked her if we could sing, and she accepted. After the hymn she just opened up her heart and started crying and telling us everything that was going on in her life. She asked us to forgive her for the things she said to us the other day and told us that she was just having a hard time and that she felt so bad for taking it out on us. Well, we got to contact her and tell her about the plan that God has for her. Really, we are all children of God. And she is just so important to Him, that He put her back in our path (when we would have never returned for fear of how angry she would be) because he loves her so much. It was pretty special to see. 

Also... my comp and I prayed for a family to teach. And...we found a family of 22 people! If that's not an answer, I don't know what is. A ver que pasa con ellos. 

And finally, the other day we went to look for a former investigator and even though she didn't live there anymore, we found a lady who welcomed us in on the spot (not something that happens everyday, or every week, or every month....) and just ate up the restoration! And she introduced us to her family (: YAYYYYY. We'll see what happens
with her too. (:

In other news, we did service pealing onions last week and my hands STILL smell slightly like onion. tips?

Basically, it was a really great week.

Love you all! Hope you are doing well!

Hermana Wolferts

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