Monday, April 4, 2016

Family Sealed Together Forever

March 7, 2016


This week was awesome. Saturday was great because...


A family of menos activos that Hermana Martinez and I activated in my last ward got sealed in the temple! I am sooo happy for them. It was the first sealing I had ever attended and it was so beautiful. Also, the missionary who baptized them came down from Utah to see the sealing! It was cool to see how happy he was. As missionaries, we come to love these people so much. It also terrified me to talk to the missionary because he got home from his mission about 6 years ago and is already married and has 2 kids with the third on the way... And he has finished school and is starting up a business. Life is going to move sooo fast. 

But really, I have such a strong testimony of temples. The Spirit was so strong and I know that they will be together forever.

Also in the public transportation on the way back from the sealing, someone read my palm.... they told me that I was in my 4th life #falsedoctrine

One of the coolest things about being a missionary is that the members recognize you! When we were going to the temple, we had members approach us and help us out when we weren't 100% sure about where to go (it's very complicated. You have to take like 3 combi bus things and you have to know where to get off and on). Also today we went downtown and had some other people come up and tell us that they were members of the church. It's my favorite!

As always, we see the hand of the Lord in this work. Yesterday we had a cool lesson with a 19 year old who had met the missionaries once when he lived with his family, but has since moved out and decided to ask for the missionaries to visit him via web. How cool that after a few years the Spirit reminded him of how he felt when the missionaries came to his house once when he was younger.

Also... there are these apartment buildings in our area that are always a little scary because there are a million gates and locks. Super safe... but sometimes too safe and we have had problems getting in at times. We have always been afraid of getting locked in. Well, we got locked in this last week. It was so weird because we left the door cracked open (because if it closes, it locks automatically) and we ran up to leave a note on someone's door and hurried

back down, and it was closed. We don't know how it happened... but it felt like it was meant to be because after we knocked a few doors, trying to get someone with a key to open it for us, we ran into a teenager who my comp recognized. She asked him if he was a member and he told her no, but that he always skateboards at the church, has member friends, goes to the dances, and has even been to church before! Practically an unbaptized member. So we hope to start teaching him and his family.

Really there is nothing more rewarding than missionary work. I love it here (:

Hope you are all doing well! Love you!

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

Ran into my MTC teacher! It was so weird to see him and talk in Spanish, instead of talking in mostly English like in the CCM!

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