Monday, April 4, 2016

The Book of Mormon is True!

March 14, 2016

Well, it was an awesome week (:

I'm pretty sad that I forgot my camera because this past week CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED. Also my comp and I gave each other some pretty legit makeovers so hopefully I will be able to send some pics next week.
But basically, Carlos's baptism was amazing! This guy overcame everything. Working Sundays, coffee, he just always showed the willingness to follow the commandments. And the testimony he bore right after he was baptized was so powerful. His water was even warm for his baptism (tender mercy--it's the first baptism of mine that our investigator has had warm water... I think I'm bad luck). It was such an amazing process to see.
Also, we have an eternal investigator and her daughter (eternal investigators are people who have investigated the church for a long time but still haven't decided to get baptized) who told us that they want to get baptized soon! PRAY for them and that they don't change their mind!!!
Random fact about the mission: It makes you blunt. As missionaries we are always looking to improve and we are pretty open with each other about the things we can better. And you just have to tell it like it is with some investigators. Last Sunday we contacted a family, and when we went to visit them on Tuesday, we had a mini lesson. On Thursday we went to visit them for the first real lesson in their home, and the Spirit told me that I needed to tell them to get married (because they aren't legally married) and so I did it. I basically told people that I hardly knew that they had to get married (OK...maybe a little more tactfully). But they reacted really well. Fingers crossed that they will decide to get married!
We went to a really cool Book of Mormon lecture that the Stake put on the other day. It was all about the evidence of the Book of Mormon here in Meso America (Mexico and Central America) and there is a TON. It was sooo cool I wish you all could have been there. Science will never replace faith, but it was really awesome to see how the historical facts really do support a ton of what happens in the BOM.
As I've been reading the BOM since the activity, I've just been so struck by the fact that it's true. It's not just interesting or nice words, it's actually the word of God and it was written and preserved for us. Woah!

Also, I hit my halfway mark in the mission this week. So weird. It goes so fast. 9 months is still a long time, but these past 9 months have been the fastest of my life. It kinda freaks me out that it's going so fast, but I'm also happy that one day, I will get to hug you all again (:
Hope you have an amazing week!

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

This day was so cold I'm wearing like 3 sweaters, a long sleeve shirt and a rainjacket. 
And it was probably only like 50 degrees... Mexico ruined me. 

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