Friday, June 3, 2016

The Gospel is What Makes Us Happy

May 30, 2016


I'm,so sad.... I was basically done writing a great email and then something happened and it got deleted!!! ahhhhhhhh.

Well... I was saying that this week was great!! 

One thing that I love about being a missionary is that people love us... even those who don't want to accept our message recognize us as servants of the Lord with something special. We have one investigator who told us that he loves meeting with us and that he thinks of us everyday because he doesn't consider himself a happy person, but when he meets with us, he feels genuinely happy. In one of our lessons he fell over because he laughed so hard... and it's not because my companion and I are so funny or anything, but because just having the spirit there in that room made him happier than he had felt in a long time. The other day we went to see another one of our investigators who is a mechanic. We had planned to do service fixing cars with him so we put on pants and everything to go and help him but when we got there he told us that he wanted us to share a message with him instead. Well as missionaries we don't usually complain about that, but we were like "we put pants on and everything just to help you!!!" But he explained that our message helps him more than someone who helps him with the cars. And it's so true. The gospel helps us more than anything else. Also he made me laugh because he was fixing one of the cars with scotch tape. He was litterally taping a car together. 

The reverse is also true. We have one investigator who recently told us that he needs more time to get baptized, like a year. We told him we would keep seeing him every once in a while, but because he has been so busy, we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks until we went to take him a cat the other day (he has a mouse problem and a lady in our ward was trying to give a cat away so we gave it to him.) It was so strange to see him again. When we first met him he was always all stressed out and a little on edge but as we met with him he became happier and more fun to be around. But after not meeting with him for just a few weeks he had gone back to be the person he was before. 

I know that the gospel is what makes us happy. I have seen countless evidences of this. It's true. I see it in the missionaries too. Some of the missionaries have had incredibly difficult trials, but as they've lived the gospel and just kept working in the work of the Lord, they've been able to stay positive and happy! 

We also had interviews with president yesterday, which always helps me (: He is so inspired. When we prayed together he said something that was so true and that struck me... something that no one knows.... and wow I just felt the Spirit testify to me that he is called of God to be my Mission President and that he has the keys to help me and the other missionaries in this mission.

ALSO, have you heard the rumors that we are going to be wearing pants??? ahhhhhhhh que loco. There is a mosquito with a nasty virus and a lot of the sister missionaries started to get sick so they decided to give us permission to wear dress pants to protect us better. But I'm kinda nervous. I've grown really fond of skirts... and it's so weird to think about wearing pants in general...

Well, that's it for this week. I'm going to try to send this really quickly before I delete it again. Love you all (:

Hermana Wolferts

Saturday was a weird day because I don't think we had any normal lessons... we only did service!! Which was really good and it's a great way to show people that we really try to live like Christ. One thing we did was wash a GIANT dog. You can't see it that well because it was moving aroung like crazy, but it's huge.

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