Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Living the gospel is like going up an escalator...

September 26, 2016


It's been an eventful two weeks..... Here's a rundown of what's happened:

1. I got a new companion! Hna Navarro. She's from Tijuana and she's great. She's fresh from the CCM and I loveeee herrrrr (: I always say she's like a puppy... she's so sweet and comes with so much energy!) When we are in the house at night she always wants to play and I feel super lame because I just want to sleep! Haha but it's been super fun (:

2. My poor companion has really had the baptism by fire experience here in the mission. These past two weeks have been a bit challenging for her. She had a tooth break that she had to get pulled (the destist used my companion to teach me how to pull teeth and do a filling so I know know how to do it. There are actually dentists here who aren't certified... so I could probably open my own business if I wanted to... haha), a kid threw up on her in public transportation, the streets flooded the other day and the sewage overflowed and we had to wade in calf high water that was pretty much disgusting (not so new for me... but for her, it's a life-style change), our boiler broke so she hasn't had a hot shower since she got here... But she has the BEST attitude. Love her for that.

3. We went to the temple!!! Always an amazing experience and I felt so at peace and like I received so many answers. Also, we felt an earthquake while we were in the temple on Friday. It was small but I accomplished my goal of feeling an earthquake while being here! 

4. We had an investigator get baptized! I'll send a picture next week, but his story is amazing. He had been investigating the church for years but something always happened and he couldn't get baptized... until some other missionaries found him in the street and talked with him and sent us the referral. And he already got the Aaronic Priesthood and is so excited about the step he has taken! An investigator of the other sisters in my ward that I taught a couple times also got baptized. He found out about the church because his friend went on a mission and that made him curious about why he had made the decision to leave his family and everything behind for 2 years. So he got in contact with the missionaries and started learning about the church and got baptized this past week! Sooo cool. Remember that even if you aren't a missionary, you CAN do missionary work. Members really are the best missionaries. 

5. We hiked up to a waterfall..... This new part of our mission is sooo pretty. I seriously felt like I could have been in Utah in the mountains, or in Washington; it was CRAZY. And it is so clean and pure out there (unlike the city) that they use the water that falls from this waterfall for drinking water. AHHHH...

6. We had Zone Conference which, in our mission, is when President gives a really awesome, really crazy training that inspires everyone to be better. It's so fun to go to the conference and then just go back with a huge desire to work!! My comp and I got to see it all twice because I went to help translate for one of the senior missionaries in a zone where there aren't hermanas. We weren't complaining about having to see it all twice. Super awesome.

7. We watched the woman's session of General Conference!! Soooo goood I loved President
 Uchtdorf´s talk. And Sister Oscarson just made me think that we just all need to step up our game and get serious about this. These are the last days and this is the true and restored gospel and we just can't afford to not live and teach it 100%. 

These past couple weeks have been really eventful but also really good. I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love my Savior and I love this gospel. And I know it's true. Remember to do the little things every day like pray and read the scriptures. One of the assistants shared in his training that living the gospel is like going up an escalator... that is moving in the downward dirrection. If we aren't progressing and running upward, we are going to fall down. If we aren't searching to improve our testimony, we are going to lose it. Remember to strengthen your testimony every day!!!

Love you all!!

Hermana Wolferts

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