Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chocolates or Spiders?

December 7, 2015

Hi! How are ya'll?

No, I'm not serving in Texas haha.

Well, things are good here in Mexico! We are definitely starting to get into the Christmas swing! Last night we had a Christmas event for The First Presidency Christmas Devotional! The missionaries stood outside the church singing Christmas carols and contacting and dragging people into the church for a tour and to watch the devotional! We got some good references (: And the devotional was great! I kinda want to watch it in English... I understand everything now but some things just don't hold the same power for me when they aren't in my native language... like I can't appreciate exactly HOW the general authority phrased something, I only know the general significance.

We are planning on having a few other activities like this soon! I'm excited! December is tough because everyone is busy and working all the time, but people are also more receptive. 

I had the opportunity to do some service activities this past week! First of all, we have some recent converts who were preparing for a chocolate exposition and had to make a TON of chocolates. So we went over for an hour and helped them out! I had some major flashbacks of helping my mommy make cupcakes before the mish! I was using this activity to focus on developing the Christ-like attribute of patience. These detail oriented type things really try my patience and stress me out! It's so pathetic because it's chocolate... meanwhile my comp was at heaven with this activity. She's super artsy and a graphic design major, so this was right up her alley! But overall, it was really fun!

Also, we went by to help another recent convert clean her little front yardish area. It was just totally overgrown with weeds and she's a young mom and we knew she didn't have time to take care of it herself. So we went and started wacking at these weeds. Well, there was a little bit of trash that I started to pull out of the weeds, when all of the sudden I saw a GIANT spider. This thing was HUGE. It's body was maybe like the length of my thumb? And Mexico City isn't the most habitable place for wildlife so I just assume that anything that lives here is tough and possibly poisonous. So naturally my hands instantly turned into butter. I was still pulling out trash but also experiencing mild panic attacks everytime one of the weeds touched me. I felt like I was playing that pick up sticks game as I reached through the weeds to grab the trash because I didn't want to rustle everything around and make the spider move to where I couldn't see it!

Eventually, all the trash was out and we were ready to wack the weeds! But as we started out in the corner where I originally saw the giant spìder, a ton of these spiders started pouring out! Some of them were smaller... but not by much. My comp was laughing so hard at me because I started freaking out and talking in English. All the words I used were mission approved, but they were in English and the poor lady whose house it was was soo confused. She went and got insecticide and we sprayed them... I feel bad hoping they all died, but I really hope they all died. After that she told us that one morning the week before one of her children had woken up with one of those spiders on their forehead. ughhhhh *chills*

Needless to say, the chocolate service activity won favorite of the week.

But the real highlight was Diego's baptism! Earlier in my mission, we baptized the rest of his family, but he wasn't ready and didn't have the desire quite yet. But recently we went back to see him, and he said he was ready and so we set a date! About a week ago we were talking to his mom and realized she didn't know that he had decided to be baptized! (Teenage boys don't tell their mom's anything here, either.) She was so excited and emotional!

When we got to the church on Saturday to set up for the baptism, we realized that none of the lights in the baptisimal font or the room attached to the font worked! And this baptism was scheduled for 6, which is 6:30 Mexican time, and it's already dark at that time, this time of year. So that was a problem. The witnesses have to see if he goes all the way under! Well we got creative and used some of the Christmas lights to light the font and room a bit. And it was super pretty! His sister was complaining that her baptism wasn't as pretty as his haha (; 

I love you all so much! Have an AMAZING week!

Hermana Wolferts

ps. Mom! First I love you! Second, I got the dress! It's dang cute! I love it! And so did everyone else. I wore it yesterday and got lots of compliments. It's the best I've looked my whole mission. Thank you sooo much!

Me and my companion Hermana Martinez.

Me and Hermana Emily Jones
The Elders putting up the lights for Diego's baptism

Look how beautiful our solution of light for Diego's baptism turned out!
Our recent convert who just recieved the Aaronic Priesthood and got to baptize his son!! Their family is the best. Start practicing Spanish so you can talk to them!

After the baptism
Our Christmas tree, haha!
Our apartment gets cold! We look like this every morning! Okayyy maybe it's only like 60 degrees....
About to cut Hermana Jones hair! Getting some good practice... Should've paid more attention, Mom (;

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