Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30, 2015

Hey family!

Ahh this week was a happy one (: 

We found sooo many new, very prepared people to teach. There is this one family that is just remarkable. They have been searching for the Gospel, but they just didn't know where to find it. We started explaining the Restoration and how Jesus Christ established his Church and how we need to have the same church in our life. And then the father said, "Well that church doesn't exist anymore. People have changed the Bible and interpreted things differently and they don't have the authority to do that."--Basically exactly what happened in the Great Apostasy! So then we taught him the Restoration and how that church HAS been restored and he was just so excited! Previously, we were super bummed because we had started teaching his wife earlier in the week, and she had told us that she was going to be at church and she didn't go. But, if she had, we wouldn't have come by at the time when her husband was home and who knows if we ever would have started teaching him! So it was a little miracle disguised as a disappointment. There are a lot of those in life. 

We also have several other investigators who are progressing really well. And we get to see how the gospel can really change lives. The biggest differences are in the families. Families that were once filled with contention and resentment are suddenly filled with love. It's really really cool to see. 

We also got to have a good ol' Thanksgiving dinner with President and Hermana Stutz! They are so good to us. It was sooo yummy. I love Mexican food, but I really do love our American food too. Also, I feel like I really nailed Thanksgiving this year. I got to eat a ton and didn't even feel terribly full after! The mission has just been amazing training for this. We usually eat a light breakfast and then a huge meal at like 2 or 3. This manner of eating has trained my stomach really well to stretch for a Thanksgiving-like meal every day. So yeah, pretty much nailed it (; Mom, you are going to have to help me heal my metabolism when I get home. I am gonna need sooo many green smoothies! 

Tell Uncle Brian and Aunt Angie thanks a billion for the sweet Christmas package! I love it! I have the service manger all set up and put up the decorations. I also colored the coloring page already! Coloring has become very destressing for me... I've been coloring things in a lot... you do what you can. I think it started when I lost my music and didn't have that anymore. I got a lot of my music back when I was at President's house, though! But seriously, thank them for me. It was really really nice of them to think of me! Tell them I love them!

You guys all look so good! Everyone is looking so tall! It's going to be so weird to come home to big sibblings. Also, I'll have you know that EVERY time I show pictures of my family to people they all RAVE about how gorgeous you all are! And it's true. You guys are really cute. 

I love you all. Have an amazing week!


Hermana Wolferts

Happy thanksgiving Mom and Dad!! President is so happy to let us talk to you... He practically wants us to FaceTime... Maybe not, but I'll talk to you really soon! I love you so much and am so grateful for you(:

Hey look! You are joining us for Thanksgiving!

Mom has been a little teary-eyed missing our cherished daughter today, but so grateful knowing she is where she should be!
Picture of the Hermanas on Thanksgiving in front of Mission home.
President Stutznegger and a few Elders cooked Thanksgiving dinner for all of the Sisters.
Chillin' with Hermanas Martinez, Lambert and Wong.

Ahhh... The benefits of being in a mission with almost no Sisters for Thanksgiving.

The Wolferts side of the family enjoying the time together back in my home,
and also missing those of us who aren't there with them.

The cousins!!! Yep... I'm in there too.

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