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November 23, 2015


It was a good week (:

First of all, everyone is repainting their houses right now. It must be a thing here. Maybe for the holidays? Quien sabe. But it's so fun and colorful! The HOA would freak out about the houses here haha. Everyone's houses are these crazy bright colors!

Secondly, I found out that I DONT HAVE CHANGES!

Yay (: I'm so happy to be here again. I wasn't ready to leave. I'm really looking forward to this transfer! Also, Hermana Martinez is still going to be my companion which is such a blessing because we have a really good flow going. 

However, Hermana Lambert and I were reading Jacob 5 and the allegory of the tree and saw some striking similarities between the allegory and being called for another transfer in the same area (Hermana Lambert has had more time in her area than I do). I was actually praying to be in this area again, so this is just in jest... but I think it's funny. I'm going to explain how we feel with scriptures, but don't worry, it's not going to be boring. Or else I've become too much of a missionary and I just always think the scriptures are cool... anyway:


Our little area here in Mexico City is our vineyard, and as the missionaries here, we are in charge of the work in our vineyard.

We've seen successes, but missionary work is also full of disappointment. People move, or don't progress in the gospel, or choose their Catholic traditions. Sometimes when we are down, we feel like this:

 47 But what could I have done more in my vineyard? Have I slackened mine hand, that I have not nourished it? Nay, I have nourished it, and I have digged about it, and I have pruned it, and I have dunged it; and I have stretchedforth mine hand almost all the day long, and the enddraweth nigh. And it grieveth me that I should hew down all the trees of my vineyard, and cast them into the fire that they should be burned. Who is it that has corrupted my vineyard?

Well, after this goes on for a couple months, you might start to get a little frustrated. You might think you want to change areas, or give up on everyone you are teaching... or:

 49 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard said unto the servant: Let us go to and hew down the trees of the vineyard and cast them into the fire, that they shall not cumber the ground of my vineyard, for I have done all. What could I have done more for my vineyard?

But then you find out you are going to be in the same area again... and the Spirit and your companion remind you to...:

 50 But, behold, the servant said unto the Lord of the vineyard: Spare it a little longer.
And you get your act together and get excited to get to work in this area again!:
 51 And the Lord said: Yea, I will spare it a little longer, for it grieveth me that I should lose the trees of my vineyard.
And you work with full confidence that the Lord always fulfills His promises when we do our part. I have no doubt that we are going to see the fruits of our work this transfer and that the Lord will be well pleased with our efforts here if we do everything we can (:
 75 And it came to pass that when the Lord of the vineyard saw that his fruit was good, and that his vineyard was no more corrupt, he called up his servants, and said unto them: Behold, for this last time have we nourished my vineyard; and thou beholdest that I have done according to my will; and I have preserved the natural fruit, that it is good, even like as it was in the beginning. And blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments, and have brought unto me again the natural fruit, that my vineyard is no more corrupted, and the bad is cast away, behold ye shall have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard.
Haha... I'm really happy to be here again (:
On Friday we got to go to the temple! It was amazing and not even super hard in Spanish. So that was pretty cool (: And it was amazing to be there again after 5 months!
Also, one of my recent converts gave a talk in sacrament meeting and talked about how much the gospel means to her and her family and how it has changed everything in their lives. It was so impactful to see someone who really recognizes the blessings of the gospel, and not just the eternal blessings, but the blessings we receive now. WE ARE SO BLESSED. 
So often I have taken these truths for granted, but really they mean everything. I'm a missionary, so I extend invitations and commitments all the time. And today I want to invite you to say a prayer of gratitude for the gospel in your life, and to ask to recognize more easily the blessings we receive NOW from having and living the gospel. It's a gospel of sacrifice, but the blessings we receive are so much greater than any sacrifice we make.
Thanks for being so faithful and great. I love you all. Keep choosing the right (: 

Hermana Aubriana Wolferts

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