Monday, December 14, 2015

The Week I Wasn't a Missionary...

December 14, 2015

Okay... So I am still a missionary, but this week was super strange!

On Tuesday I went out to the zone conference in Los Reyes to sing with a few other missionaries. We sang "The First Noel" (but in Spanish) in a 4 part harmony. It was really fun (: Afterwards we went out to lunch with President and finally made our way back to our area and started working in the late afternoon.

On Wednesday we had our own zone conference and it didn't take as much time, but we still didn't get to work until 2 pm.

Thursday was the one normal day! YAY!

Friday was the day before the day of the Virgin Mary. We were given explicit directions to go home at 3 PM, no exceptions. And to stay home for all of Friday afternoon, night, and then ALL of Saturday.

It might sound exciting to be given permission to not work, but when all you do is work, you get really antsy when you have nothing to do. The 4 of us were pacing back and forth, making crafts, studying our scriptures like crazy, studying Spanish and English respectively, watching movies from the Church, and at the end of all that, we realized that we still had like 5 hours to kill. So we gave each other makeovers. I don't have my camera cord, but Hermana Lambert turned me into a zombie. It was pretty cool. 

And then Sunday we had the dedication of the Mexico, Tijuana temple! Our mission president encouraged us to go to all 3 sessions, and when we learned that Elder Oaks and President Uchtdorf were the members of the 12 and First Presidency that were going to come, we weren't about to ignore the counsel of our mission president. So we went! 

And then today we had the Christmas party! Can I just brag about how I am in the best mission with the best mission president ever. He is so righteous and so in tune with the Spirit, and he inspires us to be better. 

But, after a super exciting week, I'm ready to hit the pavement and be with our investigators again! I can't wait! We've seen miracles this last transfer. Yesterday the bishop told us that they wished we would never have changes and we could have these 4 missionaries in the ward forever. That's a HUGE compliment as a missionary. You aren't always going to be recognized for your hard work in the mission or in life, but it's pretty cool to have someone see it. 

Speaking of changes, I don't know if you have heard the chisme (gossip), but they are adding a huge stake to our mission! And it has areas for sisters! It's called Itztapaluca. I'm not sure what it's like, but we know it has mountains! 

Also, it's been brought to our attention that Christmas isn't all that far away... and apparently we get to skype or something?? (; We are planning on skyping (as of now) at about 6pm (Mexico City time, so 5pm there, I think) on Christmas Day. I'm kinda nervous! I haven't talked to you all in a while, what if I just fall apart!? Prep some questions in case I'm awkward (; 

Thanks for all your love. I really do love you all and think about you all the time. Be good, have family prayer and scripture study, and be nice to everyone. (:


Hermana Wolferts

Singing "The First Noel" for the Los Reyes Zone Conference with a few other missionaries

Me and Hermana Emily Jones

At our own Zone Conference
Merry Christmas! Let's have a Christmas party!!!
I love Prez and Sis Stutz!
Arm wrestling with Hermana Erin Jones
Look at that intense concentration...
For the championship...

And the winner is... Hermana Lambert!!!
Hermana Wong and me in a "Stick Pull" contest

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